Solo Adventure Holidays

Solo Adventures

The first thing to say here is all our adventures are great for solo travellers. Around 40% of all our passengers are solo travellers because:

  • 1. You always travel with a small group of between four and twenty like-minded people.
  • 2. Sharing new experiences everyday brings everyone together quickly
  • 3. With a Group Leader looking after everything you can experience new cultures with added confidence.
  • 4. Travelling in a group keeps the cost down making the unattainable affordable. For example we room people of the same sex together avoiding paying a single supplement (not relevant to Collection trips).
Cape of Good Hope

Want a solo holiday trip with only other solo travellers?

We’ve developed a range of dedicated solo holidays & solo travel packages; exclusively for people booking on their own. Our solos holidays offer an extra social element as there’s a greater mix of people and as everyone is in the same situation they’re keen to get to know each other. Solo travel need not be lonely.

What past solos have said

“There were many highlights but the thing that made the trip perfect was the great bunch of people in my group- they were grand.” Catherine Landucci

"The group was small, but we had a great laugh. It has been my best holiday ever!” Claire Funnel

“The trip was excellent - we were a fantastic group and got on like a house on fire - spent the whole week laughing and joking - have made some great friends!” Carolyn Bonello

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