Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia Cruise


Holiday Fact File

Trip Code: PSG
Region: Polar
Countries visited: Antarctica, Argentina, Falkland Islands
Activities: Penguins, Marine Wildlife, Antarctica, Glaciers, Expedition Cruising
Duration: 22 Days
Difficulty: Leisurely
Profile: Expedition cruising in comfortable conditions.
Meals: Full board on the ship.
Accomodation: 18 nights on the ship.
Group: Full complement of qualified Expedition Staff. See 'Ship Info' Tab for full details of capacity and ship deck plans.

Holiday price from: to land only.

Contrasting the fascinating history and overwhelming wildlife populations of the Sub-Antarctic with the awesome beauty and strikingly different wildlife of Antarctica itself - the ultimate Antarctic expedition

Tabular iceberg in evening light, Antarctica

The journey begins sailing east to the Falklands with its large population of Rockhopper and Magellanic penguins along with Black-browed albatross. The historic side of the islands is also explored before sailing on to South Georgia. Ernest Shackelton is buried here under the spectacular ice crowned mountains. The ship threads her way through magical fjords to Salisbury Plain and Gold Harbour, places so remote that they have evolved into astonishing wildlife havens boasting a 100,000-plus population of King penguins and chicks on their beaches. The island also supports significant populations of Elephant and Fur seals. The voyage continues to the South Orkney Islands and then enters an enchanted world of icebergs and ice-covered mountains approaching the bays and channels of the Antarctic Peninsula. This is home to an extraordinary array of wildlife: penguins of almost all descriptions, Leopard and smaller seals, and three or four species of whales.

Holiday Itinerary

Picture of the Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia Cruise itinerary map
Day 1: Board ship and sail along the Beagle Channel.

Day 2: Sail east towards the Falkland Islands.

Day 3-4: Falkland Islands.

Day 5-6: At sea sailing towards South Georgia.

Day 7-8-9: South Georgia.

Day 10-11-12: At sea sailing towards the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula

Day 13-14-15-16: South Shetlands and Antarctic Peninsula.

Day 17-18: Sail back through the Drake Passage.

Day 19: Disembark and end in Ushuaia.Show detailed information

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