Journey to Persia Cultural Discovery


Holiday Fact File

Trip Code: AXP
Region: Asia
Countries visited: Iran
Activities: Desert, Wine Tasting, People & Religion, Archaeology, History
Duration: 10 Days
Difficulty: Leisurely
Profile: Travel by air-conditioned bus and one internal flight. Islamic dress code applies to both men and women, and alcohol is prohibited.
Meals: All breakfasts included.
Accomodation: 8 nights hotels.
Group: Normally 6 to 20, plus leader, driver and local guides.

Holiday price from: to including flights.

Beautiful cities, ancient sites, mountains, desert oases and stunning gardens

Inside dome of Imam Khomeni Mosque

Iran is a country of dramatic contrasts. Its scenery ranges from snow-clad mountains to vast, inhospitable deserts punctuated by attractive oasis towns, and its cities and ancient sites reveal a deep and rich history. Some of the most exquisite examples of Middle Eastern design and architecture are to be found in Iran, including the magnificent ruins of Persepolis, the dazzling Islamic centres at Isfahan and Shiraz, and beautifully-crafted gardens set in desert wastes. The rich bazaars and the ancient tradition of hospitality never fail to impress in a country which sees few tourists.

Holiday Itinerary

Picture of the Journey to Persia Cultural Discovery itinerary map
Day 1: Depart London.Show detailed information

Day 2: Arrive Tehran; city tour to visit some of the many excellent museums; evening flight to Shiraz, favourite city of the Iranians.Show detailed information

Day 3: Visit the impressive site of Persepolis, Darius' ceremonial capital; return to Shiraz to visit mausoleums of Hafez and Saadi periods and monumental gardens.Show detailed information

Day 4: To Yazd via Pasargadae with its ancient remains.Show detailed information

Day 5: Visit Ateshkade Fire Temple, mausoleum, mosque and bazaars of Yazd.Show detailed information

Day 6: Drive to Isfahan via Mohamadiye and Na'in with its 10th century Friday Mosque.Show detailed information

Day 7-8: Two days to see the stunning capital of Shah Abbas; explore the squares, blue and turquoise-tiled colleges and mosques, with free time for browsing in the bazaar.Show detailed information

Day 9: Drive to Tehran via Natanz and Kashan.Show detailed information

Day 10: Fly to London.Show detailed information

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