Mongolian Adventure Holiday


Holiday Fact File

Trip Code: ACM
Region: Asia
Countries visited: Mongolia
Activities: Festivals, People & Religion, History
Duration: 15 Days
Difficulty: Moderate
Profile: Travel by private vehicle and one internal flight.
Meals: All breakfasts, 12 lunches and 12 dinners included.
Accomodation: 3 nights comfortable hotels and 1 night basic hotel, all en suite, 8 nights traditional nomadic ger camps with shared facilities.
Group: Normally 7 to 16, plus leader and appropriate local staff.

Holiday price from: to including flights.

An incredible journey to one of the world's most remote countries


Much of Mongolia is covered in vast rolling steppe; a wilderness where nomadic traditions still flourish, herds of wild horses roam freely in national parks and the sand dunes of the incredible Gobi Desert are known to 'sing' in the wind. We visit ancient Buddhist monasteries, discover the capital of Genghis Khan's empire and see how his heroic legacy has become embedded in the Mongolian national identity. Whether it is searching for dinosaur fossils in the Gobi or supping fermented mare's milk in a traditional nomadic encampment, this is a trip for the rugged and adventurous traveller that is sure to delight.

Holiday Itinerary

Picture of the Mongolian Adventure Holiday itinerary map
Day 1: Depart London.Show detailed information

Day 2: Arrive Ulaan Baatar.Show detailed information

Day 3: City tour.Show detailed information

Day 4: To Khustain Nuruu National Park, home to Mongolia's wild Przewalski's horses; short trek to see the horses; overnight in a traditional Mongolian ger (felt tent).Show detailed information

Day 5: To the sand dunes of the Little Gobi Desert; visit Khogno Khan Mountain; opportunity for bird and wildlife watching.Show detailed information

Day 6: To Karakorum, ancient capital of Genghis Khan; visit Erdene Zuu Monastery and historic sites.Show detailed information

Day 7: Morning visit to monastery to see monks chanting; along northern edge of Gobi Desert to Arvaikheer via Shankh Monastery; visit museum.Show detailed information

Day 8: To Bayan Gobi via Mt Ikh Bogd; views of the Altai Mountain Range.Show detailed information

Day 9: See rock paintings; continue through classic Gobi Desert scenery to huge 'singing' sand dunes; watch out for herds of antelope.Show detailed information

Day 10: Explore largest sand dunes in Mongolia; visit nomadic camel herding family.Show detailed information

Day 11: Travel through Gobi Gurvansaikhan N.P. with rocky and sandy plains, salt flats, ravines and gorges.Show detailed information

Day 12: Hiking around the 'Flaming Cliffs' of Bayanzag, a famous dinosaur fossil site.Show detailed information

Day 13: Morning flight to Ulaan Baatar; afternoon at leisure; evening cultural show including famous Mongolian throat singers.Show detailed information

Day 14: Day trip to Bogd Haan N.P.; visit ruins of Manzushir Monastery; farewell dinner; late evening transfer to the airport and depart Ulaan Baatar.Show detailed information

Day 15: Arrive London.Show detailed information

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